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About Me

I was born on a military base in Heidelberg, Germany, over fifty years ago, to parents from opposite sides of the world, of different skin colors and cultures. My mother was the daughter of a German soldier who served his country in World War II. My father, the son of a Filipino immigrant who found his way to Hawaii, had a remarkable career of his own in the U.S. Army. Together, they shared an unlikely but unshakable love that I would only fully comprehend well into my forties. 

I was a wife. I am a mother. 

I am a writer.

I am a certified personal development coach.


I am a Seeker, a Hoper, a Dreamer.  

My latest projects


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My Soul Exposed

Transparent and raw sharing about that which moves me, frustrates me, and shapes me. 


A Celebration of Connection

The beauty and necessity of human connection, and the celebration thereof, can transform lives. It can. It has. It does. 

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